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We are delighted to meet you

We are Colin and Dawn Peacock, the Churchwardens of St Johns Thorpe Edge. Welcome to our church!


We are small, friendly church serving and loving the people of Thorpe Edge. Our Church is full of ordinary people with real life problems and issues that we all struggle with.


We love God and love people - and everything that we do here at St Johns is dedicated to that mission.


So why not come along and meet us. We'll be glad to see you and look forward to getting to know you. 

Thorpe Edge lies on the southern slope of the Aire Valley to the north east of Bradford, between Idle and Greengates.

St John's church is situated within this former Council Housing Estate, now part owner occupied and part social housing. It was built in the 1960's to meet the needs of the new community of Thorpe Edge.

Over revent years, the church has been re-wired, had new lighting and heating as well as being repainted for the first time since it was built.


We know we don't have the most architecturally stunnnig building - but love and care for our church - and following the recent work, we have a warm and inviting space with lots of rooms and facilities for all kinds of activities and groups



But St Johns is much more than a building. The most important part of our church are the people who come here.


We are men and women; children and pensioners; poor and a bit better off; believers and doubters; those who have come for years and those who started coming recently...


Could you find a place within our church family? Why don't you come along and meet us? We would love to meet you and promise you a warm and genuine greeting.

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